by @lovecourtneym “As requested I am sharing my natural hair growth chart. No I do not straighten it to see how long it grew! Heat is very damaging & causes dry ends. The left photo was from Aug. 2012, the last time I cut my hair. It was about 70% dry & twisted to elongate the curls.. I looked like a poodle!🐩 The photo on the right is this morning (June 2013) my hair is finally bra strap length! When I woke up my hair was as dry as a Brillo pad😢 so I soaked it with tresemme then applied a homemade deep conditioner & #fingerdetangled. Curly hair tip:limit the hot water, it opens the cuticle and causes curly hair to frizz. Try to use cold water when rinsing and styling your hair. Also cut out shampoo completely, switch to a co wash, moisturize and AIR DRY! ..#IamMyhair feel free to ask any questions.” via @InstaReposts

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  • Posted: 13 June 2013
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